The more your learn about your customers,
the higher your chances of thrivingly selling to them.

Augmented Analytics For Better
Customer Experiences

Every customer is a human being who simply needs to feel exceptional, even online. We will give you the oppotunity to create an individual approach to every customer by personalizing content and products basing on deliberated predictions.


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Competition spares no one – and we have a solution for those who strives to become a niche leader.

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The constantly growing eCommerce world no longer has problems with tracking and collecting tons of data about their customers. However, expanding worldwide competition with almost 24 million eCommerce websites as of 2021 requires more analytics power for a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

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While augmented analytics generally helps transform accumulated data into actionable insights, our specially developed component will provide your eCommerce business with something more valuable – accurate predictions of real-time or future customer buying decisions.

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Human-oriented augmented analytics was designed to gather historical data from multiple sources and combine it with various environmental changes to create precise correlations and comprehend what factors influence the human decision-making process under different circumstances.

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For instance, weather conditions stand right after the economy being the second influential medium for people to shop online. Weather affects customers’ mood, choice of product, and buying method. Both warm and cold weather can increase or decrease website traffic by 20% depending on the advertised products.

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But temperature is not the only factor, there are at least 10 more parameters to influence customers’ online behavior. Therefore, it is essential for eCommerce advertising and contextualizing to obtain actionable insights on how environmental parameters reflect on online activities.


How does it function

Having augmented existing data with the data about external conditions, we will build a behavioral model to see the correlations between customers and influencing factors. Once we embed this model into your system, every customer will be spotted by IP address and offered personalized ads and recommendations based on the above-mentioned data correlations.


Here are the pros of applying our human-oriented augmented analytics behavior component to your eCommerce business:


Evaluate behavior

You can easily evaluate the browsing way of behaving of your targets and customers.


Understand users

You can understand users’ habits, needs, and plans.


Online recommendations

You can tune up and control online recommendations.


Enhance the experience

You can enhance the experience of each customer by introducing personalized approaches.


Successfully manage

You can successfully manage marketing and advertising campaigns.


Improve buying experience

You can improve the general buying experience that will help you retain old customers and attract new ones.


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