Why would your company need Team Augmentation?

The Artificial Intelligence revolution has taken over the digital world and changed the vector of IT recruitment forever. The newest machine learning technologies are advancing with great speed, leaving madly less time for people to master new skills. Such changes result in niche talents’ knowledge being obsolete in a short time. Notwithstanding the upcoming worldwide crisis of tech talents, companies actively headhunt only high-end specialists, making the situation on the IT job market even more challenging.

So now, imagine your company contributing precious resources towards finding a perfect tech team and facing a mismatch between supply and demand. Or what if the new team members come from different backgrounds, have different levels of English proficiency, or do not meet expectations? Just save your time and money by trusting us to create a perfect AI team match for you and your future projects.

Our Team Augmentation Model

  • We focus precisely on the AI realm
  • We have compiled an impressive database of potential specialists within AI.
  • We have established strict restrictions for the candidates who enter our database: bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or PhDs, significant experience in a variety of fields within the world of AI, expertise in developing complex AI models, statistical analysis on the AI systems, and some other professional specifications.
  • We consider the following skills a must-have for all worthy AI specialists: knowledge of Big Data technologies, algorithms and frameworks, programming, statistics and communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and erudition in linear algebra.
  • We hold enough resources to assemble the whole AI tech team: project managers, UI/UX designers, ML Ops, solution architects, data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, business analysts in AI, and quality assurance pros.
  • We select either a needed member of the team by matching the specific skills you need or build a whole new working ecosystem that сorresponds to a particular AI project
  • We take care not only of recruiting but also of accounting services, team setup, onboarding of each member, and necessary office infrastructure
  • We acknowledge the importance of the computing power needed to implement AI tasks, that is why we hold a sufficient amount of computational resources in our company.
  • We provide continuous human resources support for companies, start-ups, and independent projects
  • We offer transparent communication considering all stages of cooperation – just set up a call or send us the requirements
  • We support your choice of candidates, advice you and are ready to apply adjustments at any stage.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the fields of Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. This is why we peculiarly know which candidate fits better and the applications will be reviewed by real AI experts.

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