AI Services for Partners

Competition spares no one – and we have a solution for those who strives to become a niche leader.

Machine learning support for
small&medium medium consulting companies

Professional consultancy covers a wide range of spheres across different countries. The fields of their services can vary according to the specific priorities of the particular industry. Therefore, being a part of nearly every existing industry, consulting companies deal with extremely diverse data.

The expertise of consulting firms has always been focused on information about finances, processes, people and their activities. For that reason, consultancy relies on immense amounts of data every day.

Big consultancies usually hire a dedicated data science team that implements AI models to detect patterns and correlations in data and refine companies’ overall performance.

However, novice firms, start-ups, small or medium companies cannot usually afford a tech department.

What we offer

Our team, being specialists in machine learning, is willing to help small and medium consulting companies transform data into valuable insights. With accurate insights, predictions, analysis, planning, and optimization will gain more effectiveness.

Being your tech partner, we will be engaged in obtaining deep insights, patterns, and data correlations. While consulting companies can fully focus on their paramount goals and turn our insights into working strategies.

As a result, consulting objectives will be reached within less time, money, and resources.

Competition spares no one – and we have a solution for those who
strives to become a niche leader

The main pros of applying machine learning to consultancy

Getting more clients + saving budget + becoming highly competitive = having US as your ML Support

Maintain your reputation

ML helps predict outcomes and avoid mistakes and inaccuracies

Use the data in full

Extra information will secure the company from losing or missing significant data

Save human resources

Apply less manual work of your employees and rely on automated processes that will gather and analyze larger volumes of data

Be in demand

Having obtained the most out of your data the company will be able to offer more extensive services to the clients

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