AI in Cloud

Flexible cloud infrastructure is the best choice for solutions that require high computing power within a short period of time.

Machine learning cloud services for business growth

The majority of nowadays companies, doesn’t matter if it’s an industrial, financial, healthcare, or media sector, rely heavily on machine learning. However, to substantially benefit from machine learning insights and AI in general, one would need a strong in-house or outsourced tech team. Seems like a great plan, but what if your budget is restricted and time is money?

With machine learning cloud-based services investments are low, results are prompt and you won’t even need your AI-specialized team.
You will need us and:

Amazon ML
Amazon SageMaker
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud AI
IBM Watson

These platforms guarantee a comprehensive amount of analysis and tasks that can be transformed into working corporate solutions. Yet sorting out all this data can become too time-consuming and stressful – so save the efforts and rely on us.

What we offer

We can both upload your data to the cloud platforms and enrich it with the data from external sources to build algorithms and create working models for your business.

Using the vast potential of machine learning services, we can provide all imaginable insights and results which can be put into practice right away.

Advantages of ML cloud platforms

Flexible cloud infrastructure is the best choice for solutions that require high computing power within a short period of time. It will save you weeks of waiting for models training and offer ready industrial solutions in no time.

  • Data loading tools and compilation mechanisms
  • The optimal way to train and deploy models
  • Convenient environment for data labeling
  • Good to go algorithms and advancements for their subsequent use
  • A chance to test various hypotheses without engaging specially trained analysts and skilled data scientists

Move to ML cloud platforms to make your business more responsive, competitive, and profitable!

Why Partner with Kernelbay

We promote only high standards of implementing artificial intelligence in different industries and we are ready to address your business challenges.

Leading AI Solution Provider

Being a leading AI solution provider we strive for building state-of-the-art custom software.

Skilled Tech Team

We are a strong AI software engineering team with years of distinctive experience.


We understand the needs of our clients and develop individual AI-based solutions.


Our goal is to help our Clients reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI approaches.

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