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AI for Retail

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Human-oriented augmented analytics: Retail


The retail industry, having survived through the COVID-19 pandemic, is currently facing lots of challenges. Pickup orders became extremely demanded, warehouse spaces require more management, inventories seem to be more complicated.. and most importantly – customers’ needs and purchasing power have shifted.

Whereas the economical component can be forecasted, human behavior appears to be more unpredictable than before. Therefore, retail companies will definitely seek more instruments and resources to approach their customers’ preferences.

And even if hacking human minds is impossible, the solution is perfectly straightforward.

Weather conditions stand among the most significant factor to influence people’s moods. Rain, sunshine, humidity, wind, snowfall, pressure, and many more environmental parameters affect hormone production and overall spirits. Marketing researchers revealed that this effect has a direct connection with buying behavior and understanding these correlations is a key to boost sales and encourage bigger revenues.


Our solution

Our new human-oriented augmented analytics behavior component is not here to simply predict the temperature or advice obvious solutions, like…sell ice cream in summer. We are ready to dig deeper into various complex weather conditions and connect them with your historical data in order to come up with accurate behavioral predictions.

Retail companies that decided to promote advertising campaigns relying on simple weather forecasts gained conversion rates up to 105% and multiplied their UPT. Just imagine the amplitude of results if you receive a detailed augmented analysis of all your previous data combined with dozens of weather conditions.

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Capitalize on knowing your customers’ next move

Advantages of the human-oriented
augmented analytics behavior Component


You will turn target customers into prospective customers and hold them as your regular customers as they will keep in mind that your store has always had relevant products.

Increased income

You can vary the price of goods based on a thoroughly analyzed demand. A slight drop or rise in prices based on customers’ willingness to buy will bring great results by the end of the year.

Advanced visual merchandising

Our daily or monthly predictions will give you a clear understanding of how to organize the shopping room and change the VM – predictably highly demanded products will be put forward.

Being one step ahead

People will more likely give preference to your goods among similar options as they will trigger their interest first.

Save the budget

Predictive recommendations will let you plan advertising strategies ahead, filter out unclaimed products and focus on future bestselling items.

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