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High-grade data is an integral element of the high-quality Healthcare system

Healthcare has always been operating with an extensive amount of data received from numerous patient profiles, medical researches, clinical tests, and treatment-related procedures. International studies suggest that the quantity of medical data increases almost twice with each year. Therefore, applying the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence becomes essential to enhance the efficiency of healthcare functions.-customer sector hinges on the final decision of a person being affected by these conditions.


Generally, augmented analytics within healthcare is used to interpret existing data and improve the productivity of current therapy processes. This part is indeed significant. However, it lacks a human behavior component.

We offer precise personal health risk predictions. Our human-oriented behavior component was designed to provide any healthcare institution with information that should be used directly in preventive medicine. We strongly believe that augmented analytics can empower proactive diagnostics and save an unlimited amount of lives before it is too late.

In order to achieve accurate predictions, it is vital to detect factors that influence our health daily. It turned out that weather conditions are one of the most evident agents to affect our health and well-being. For instance, heat and cold fluctuations together with humidity can impact morality. Temperature changes can strike rheumatic diseases. Untimely changes of seasons can cause seasonal allergies and asthmatic conditions. There exist thousands of options on how external factors affect our viability, from minor shifts of mood to urgent cases.

Our algorithms will discover a substantial correlation between people’s case histories and environmental changes by analyzing data from all accessible wearable devices and previous electronic clinical records.

Let us introduce three main advantages of human-oriented augmented analytics being used in healthcare systems based on its relation to various weather changes:


Prevention of consequences.

Refined precautionary diagnostics will help your institution avoid hospitalizations and summoning extra medical staff. This concerns not only first emergency calls but readmissions as well. From 20% to 25 % of recovered patients can return in 1 month.

Extensive analytics will provide you with relevant insights and prevent patients from being readmitted.


Advancement of healthcare services.

Optimization of different operations within any healthcare establishment can start from automatically counting patient visits, monitoring waiting and appointment time to analyzing complex personal case records. All the interpreted data will contribute to the more thorough planning of everyday operations.

Moreover, AI-powered analytics will not only find correlations but also detect anomalies, system defects, and implicit inefficiencies that hamper the process.


Effective time management of medical staff

Being a doctor, nurse, or working within any healthcare institution that saves and supports lives is the most honorable yet challenging profession in the world.

Both hospitals and private practices are currently being understaffed all around the world and require a great deal of human stamina to withstand this workload.

But what if we could predict the number of expected patients per day and the direction of their complaints? Our behavior component will gather previous patient data, combine it with surrounding conditions and you will receive relevant daily prognosis that will help you manage time and resources beforehand.


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Health data is the most intimate information and its leakage or improper usage is highly unacceptable. Our team can assure you that all the analyzed data is taken from the official sources with informed consent and is safely provided only to trusted health institutions. You will save resources, budget, time, and what is more important – lives.


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