Machine learning support for
small&medium medium consulting companies

Artificial Intelligence technologies have already started to redefine the way software developers used to work and caused massive technical transformations in the industry. So if you already are or strive to become a niche leader and want to be prepared for new tech challenges: use artificial intelligence for software development and don’t let your competitors overcome you on the market.

New life for your software development?
AI got you!

Our team is thoroughly specialized in AI techniques and after having implemented numerous projects of our own and for our clients, we came up with the following 3 major benefits of combining AI with your software development processes:


AI-amplified software development implies professionals who take over ordinary and repetitive tasks together with compound problem-solving assignments. This gambit will make your process at least 10 times more efficient.


Those businesses which ignore AI innovations, risk achieving decreased returns on investments and getting lower rates of on-time submissions. Become an AI supporter and gain more benefits from accurate and fully automated software development.

Mainain your reputation:

Fresh software is indeed a risky substance with potential errors, code flaws, and human-made mistakes. AI would prevent unpredictable work on bugs by recognizing gaps beforehand and alerting your team when refinements are essential. Moreover, professionally built AI algorithms will repair software malfunctions keeping costs lower and improving overall efficiency.


We offer A to Z AI Software Development Solutions for both big companies and upcoming startups. Our team will bring your special project through all indispensable stages – from free consultation and estimation to deployment and successive monitoring of the off-the-shelf product.

Being engaged innovators, our team is willing not only to provide ready AI solutions but also to perform personalized experiments for your particular projects.

If you are looking for turnkey AI models, we’ve got your back with our AI solutions for mobile devices, controllers, clouds, SSH servers, banking, smart home devices, and digital assistants.

Our AI professionals

  • Decades of international experience
  • Multilingual team
  • 2 PhDs and master’s degrees as a minimum
  • AI-focused specialization
  • Profound knowledge of data engineering, data science, deep learning, machine learning, and augmented analytics
  • Clockwork coding and testing

Our AI projects years on the market!

Why Partner with Kernelbay

We promote only high standards of implementing artificial intelligence in different industries and we are ready to address your business challenges.

Leading AI Solution Provider

Being a leading AI solution provider we strive for building state-of-the-art custom software.

Skilled Tech Team

We are a strong AI software engineering team with years of distinctive experience.


We understand the needs of our clients and develop individual AI-based solutions.


Our goal is to help our Clients reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI approaches.

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