About us

Kernelbay is a leading data science company and AI-powered solutions provider with its own R&D center

Our mission

Kernelbay’s  foremost mission is to provide every company in the Business-to-Customer segment with relevant insights that can be directly transformed into working strategies. Our goals are based on professional experience within such AI fields as Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Deep Learning, and Augmented Analytics.

Our team consists of highly experienced tech specialists and enthusiasts with PhDs and Master’s degrees who are devoted to evolving outstanding solutions and performing unique experiments. The urge for AI-driven experiments led to the successful development of fully functioning models for team augmentation, software development, cloud services, and behaviour components for augmented analytics.

Our technology

Our main pride is the AI behavior component for human-oriented augmented analytics that is destined to detect interrelations between workers’/customers’/clients’/patients’ behavior and various environmental conditions. Received correlations allow us to build predictive models for managing production processes and neutralizing risks. The given component will escalate the effectiveness of future business strategies through accurate predictions, saving resources, all-seeing data monitoring, prompt optimization, and long-term results with an individual approach.

What we offer

Nothing more, nothing less: insights, predictions, consultancy, analysis, planning, and optimization.eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


Our approach will use your data to the full extent to come up with progressive planning.

Universal tool

The versatility of our AI models allows us to help the unlimited amount of industries with humans being their core value.

Strong expertise

Our international team of committed pros is skilled in numerous AI realms qualified for complex projects.

Competition spares no one – and we have a solution for those who strives to become a niche leader.

Why Partner with Kernelbay

We promote only high standards of implementing artificial intelligence in different industries and we are ready to address your business challenges.

Leading AI Solution Provider

Being a leading AI solution provider we strive for building state-of-the-art custom software.

Skilled Tech Team

We are a strong AI software engineering team with years of distinctive experience.


We understand the needs of our clients and develop individual AI-based solutions.


Our goal is to help our Clients reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI approaches.

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