We capitalize our expertise to predefined components and then use it to accelerate our projects bringing value to our customers apace


OUR Services

Our main areas of expertise are machine learning, data engineering, deep learning, augmented analytics, and every new technology within the AI sector.


AI Software Development

We offer A to Z AI Software Development Solutions for both big companies and upcoming startups. Our team will bring your special project through all indispensable stages – from free consultation and estimation to deployment and successive monitoring of the off-the-shelf product.


AI Team Augmentation

Save your time and money by trusting us to create a perfect AI team match for you and your future projects. We will select either a needed member of the team by matching the specific skills you need or build a whole new working ecosystem that corresponds to a particular AI project.


AI in Cloud

Flexible cloud infrastructure is the best choice for solutions that require high computing power within a short period of time. We can both upload your data to the cloud platforms and enrich it with the data from external sources to build algorithms and create working models for your business.


AI Services for Partners

Our team, being specialists in machine learning, is willing to help small and medium consulting companies transform data into valuable insights. Being your tech partner, we will be engaged in obtaining deep insights, patterns, and data correlations. While you can fully focus on your paramount goals and turn our insights into working strategies.


About Us

We are a rapidly expanding team of enthusiastic professionals with a great aim of bringing AI services to the next level. Our team consists of highly experienced tech specialists with PhDs and Master’s degrees who are devoted to developing outstanding solutions and performing unique experiments. We are ready to help your business flourish!


aw E-Commerce

Our specially developed component will provide your eCommerce business with accurate predictions of real-time or future customer buying decisions. Having augmented existing data with the data about external conditions, we will build a behavioral model to see the correlations between customers and influencing factors.

icon Retail

Your company will receive a detailed augmented analysis of all your previous data combined with dozens of weather conditions in order to come up with accurate customer behavioral predictions. This correlation will help boost personalization, increase income, save the budget, advance visual merchandising and enhance many more retail processes.

Union Financial Institutions

We integrate additional parameters to the existing financial data and observe a correlation between human behavior change and the surrounding environment. Received information will help you either establish long-term customer surveillance or gain prompt results that can be transformed into financial business strategies.

tower Telco&Media

We are offering you an innovative technique for an accurate prediction of users’ needs. You will have a chance to control and change recommendations and advertising straightway due to the fact that our component can correlate existing data with environmental data in real-time and provide you with constructive user insights.

hcare Healthcare

Our new behavior component for human-oriented augmented analytics is destined to collect all historical data from wearables and other health-monitoring devices and supplement it with a multitude of data about external conditions. Personalized health risk predictions will become an accessible option and apparently will help save more lives.


With the help of human-oriented augmented analytics, we will collect existing data about previous operations and combine it with various external mediums to achieve credible correlations. These correlations will provide your company with a straightforward insight into how to magnify logistics management.

rehReal Estate&Hospitality

The human decision-making process largely depends on weather conditions if one needs to invest in real estate, have a night-out, or plan a vacation. Every external pattern, from temporary temperature changes to continuous astronomical conditions, leaves a noticeable mark on the company. With our component, you will have a chance to forecast your clients’ preferences based on connections between their past actions and weather parameters.

iconsE Manufacturing

Production of goods requires various operational processes using complex equipment, tools, machines, and dangerous chemical/biological reactions. Such labor is considered extra hazardous and calls for additional precaution. Our human-oriented behavior component will help any manufacturing industry keep track of interrelations between employees’ productivity and environmental conditions. Knowing the risks beforehand will save lives, resources and elevate productivity.

truck Enviromental Health and Safety

Environmental conditions are proved to cause a considerable impact on the percentage of workplace accidents. These external conditions are certainly not the main culprit, however, they are partially responsible for some incidents or became a background agent.


Human-oriented augmented analytics


With data management being a foremost priority, businesses have encountered a relevant issue: immense data growth becomes irrepressible and requires additional infrastructure, time, and costs. Automation of manual tasks and consolidation of data is the only way out for those who strive to remain competitive. Here comes augmented analytics.

Augmented analytics (or augmented data management) is an indispensable component of any high-end enterprise because business intelligence cannot evolve without computer science nowadays. Augmented analytics combines the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to compile, preserve, analyze, and transform data into working solutions.


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